Why Steel is the Best Construction Material for Warehouses

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Steel is far and away the most popular building material for industrial buildings, including warehouses. A study from the UK found that more than 95% of new industrial and warehouse building constructions utilized steel framing.

“But why is steel one of the most popular materials for the construction of industrial buildings and warehouses?” you might ask. The answer is clear when we consider the benefits that steel offers over other building materials.

In terms of durability, cost, security, and customization, there is no better material for your warehouse or industrial building than steel. This blog will examine a few of these benefits in detail, and demonstrate why steel continues to be the #1 preferred material for commercial and industrial building construction:

Steel Warehouse Cost

As a building material, steel offers premium quality at an affordable price, especially when it comes to large projects like the construction of industrial complexes and warehouses.

How much do steel warehouses cost? Well, like any construction project the price depends on a number of factors like building size, location, and features.

But, when we consider the price of a steel warehouse vs. a wood-framed warehouse, for example, steel is often a fraction of the price when we consider the short-term and long-term costs. These are just a few of the factors that affect the cost of steel warehouse construction:

  • Pre-engineering: Since the materials are pre-measured and cut, it allows a faster build process from start to finish. Constructing a steel warehouse is a streamlined project because the materials are prepared ahead of time and delivered to the job site ready to be constructed. This can drastically reduce construction time which, in turn, results in a lower project cost and gets your operation up and running faster.
  • Labour: The pre-fabrication of the building kit helps to cut down on labour costs significantly. Timelines can be reduced by as much as 50% compared to other types of warehouse construction. When it comes to private contractors, time is money. When your building’s steel frame, walls, and roof, are pre-measured and cut, this reduces the amount of time it will take a crew to construct your building.
  • Maintenance: Not only do you need to look at the initial costs for construction, but it’s also important to note the ongoing maintenance costs of steel buildings. A steel warehouse is low-maintenance, which means that you can avoid expensive costs in the future. Over the lifetime of your steel building savings on maintenance can add up to tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other cost savings, such as reduced insurance premiums thanks to the security and resistance to weather damage of steel, should also be accounted for. The same can be said for materials or equipment which are stored inside the warehouse; thanks to the durability and security features associated with steel buildings, whatever you store in the warehouse will be safe and insulated from the elements.

Steel Warehouse Longevity

When making an investment in something as expensive as a new industrial building, the structure should be made of materials that will last for decades to come. With proper construction and maintenance, steel buildings can easily last 50 years or more.

Steel buildings are resistant to many of the common issues that threaten the durability and longevity of buildings. For example, steel is a more robust solution if you are looking to reduce the risk of natural threats, including fire, mold, rot, pests, heavy snow, earthquakes, and strong winds. On the rare occasion that superstorms move through the area, steel warehouses tend to be the last buildings standing.

Longevity is a priority when investing a large sum of money into building construction. Steel is a clear choice if you are looking for something that will hold up against the elements and last for years to come.

Steel Warehouse Customizability

When it comes to warehouses, it is a common misconception that every building is the same with few, if any options to alter the building’s appearance or structure. The truth is that steel warehouses allow for full customization of the look and layout of your structure. You can fully customize the design of your steel warehouse to meet the unique needs of your operation (e.g., office space, or smaller private rooms built into the interior of your buildings). And, as your business grows, you also have the option to expand steel buildings to match your growing needs.

There are also nearly no space limitations for a steel building design. You can choose a size that provides plenty of space for all of your equipment and inventory needs. High ceilings also allow optimal use of space, with options for mezzanine floors and towering inventory storage.

Steel Warehouse Span

Do you need a clear span, with a wide space free of posts, columns, and load-bearing poles? As opposed to wood-framed buildings which require frequent posts and columns, steel buildings allow for much larger open spaces on the inside. So, a steel warehouse is an excellent option for industrial applications and warehouses requiring sizable equipment and machinery inside. This is partly what makes steel the material of choice for airplanes hangars and sports venues, both of which require large open spaces.

The fewer columns and support beams you have, the more you can maximize the use of floor space. It’s also easier to navigate vehicles and equipment within an open warehouse, improving the efficiency of day-to-day activities. As inventory and equipment needs change, the spacious flooring and tall ceilings accommodate easy adaptations inside. Plus, extra-wide openings allow quick access when moving inventory and machinery on or off the site.

Advantages of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings - Low Maintenance Warehouse

Steel Warehouse Security

The contents inside your metal warehouse are critical for the livelihood of your business. The building acts as a layer of protection to avoid damage and theft of inventory, helping to reduce the risk of harm or loss to your company. Steel buildings are inherently secure, and additional security features are always available for custom installation.

Additionally, steel warehouses can accommodate personalized security, such as CCTV cameras. Since the inside of the warehouse is open and expansive, the maximum field of view is available without columns blocking sightlines.

Quality Steel Warehouses from a Trusted Provider

If you are looking for your next steel warehouse, then Norsteel Buildings has you covered! We offer prefabricated and customized steel building packages and will work with you to ensure your building design matches your organization’s specific needs.

If you’d like to learn more about available products and services, then feel free to contact us at your convenience. We’re here to answer your questions and help select the optimal steel building design for you: 1-866-971-7575.

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