Benefits of Steel

Learn about the unique advantages that make steel one of the most popular building materials today.

Why Steel Buildings?

One of the most popular materials used in construction today, steel plays a vital role in controlling construction costs while helping the industry achieve its sustainability goals. Steel offers a number of unique benefits and significant advantages over many other construction materials!

Economic Benefits Norsteel-min

Economic Benefits

Steel materials offer long-term fiscal benefits due to their superior malleability, adaptability, and durability.

A steel building is delivered at the time of construction, so you don’t need to pay to store materials that take up space for an extended duration.

Steel supplies are easily updated and modernized, whether you are looking to extend the lifespan of the building or simply to expand.

Faster, efficient, and error-free construction means that the building is more likely to be finished on, or ahead of schedule, which translates to lower labour costs and a faster ROI for the investor.

Social Benefits Norsteel-min

Social Benefits

Steel buildings are light and airy, and have the capacity to create a spacious setting that is pleasing and comfortable to work or live in.

Offsite fabrication leads to a clean, safe, and quiet construction site, while maintaining a stable workforce.

By utilizing offsite design, engineering, and component fabrication, the materials are transported to the site for quick and efficient assembly. This reduces the job-site footprint.

Pre-engineered materials do not create dust or noise at the work-site, reducing pollution and helping to create a safer and healthier workplace.

Environmental Benefits of Steel resized-min

Environmental Benefits

Steel is 100% recyclable, and the materials we use today come almost entirely from recycled steel. Its by-products are used in paints, concrete, plastics, and fertilizers, or as energy resources in the manufacturing of these products.

Once produced, steel can be reused and reshaped countless times without weakening or losing its aesthetics. That means when a steel building is demolished, the same materials are used again.

Steel can last for decades with minimal maintenance. It's resistant to environmental conditions that pose problems to wood and stone. With proper formulations and coatings, it will not corrode or rust.

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