Here's How it Works

1. Choose Your Currency

Click the dropdown menu in the top right corner of any page to see the building's price in your local currency. Note - when checking out you will be charged in USD.

2. Choose Your Building

The kits listed online are our most popular EasyBuild models in terms of size and door locations. Contact us if you don’t see the size you are looking for.

3. Choose Your Colour

You have a choice of 12 colours for your wall panels; and 6 colours for your trims. The roof panels come in a standard galvalume finish.

After Completing You Purchase

4. We'll Reach Out

A Norsteel building expert will be in touch to get more details about your specific site location and local building codes. They'll work with you over the phone to finalize the design of your structure.

5. You'll Receive Your Drawings

Your EasyBuild structure will then be custom engineered for your specific site location, taking into consideration the building codes for your exact area. Within 2 weeks, you will receive certified engineered drawings for your structure.

6. We Deliver You Kit

We'll keep you updated on the expected delivery date of your structure - which will be on the next truck headed in your direction. Your kit will arrive in one package and you can begin building your structure right away!