Applications for Garages and Workshops

For car enthusiasts, motorcycle mavericks, and hobbyists alike - garages and workshops are like homes away from home. Many of our garage and workshop clients are the "handy" types. For those who are, our EasyBuild steel building and complementary foundation kit, will provide a satisfying do-it-yourself experience. Whether it's just a great place to escape the stress of the day or a place to get some serious work done, these buildings generally share the same basic requirements. Comfort, security, and low maintenance are high on the list, and pre-engineered structures are ideal for satisfying these and other needs. Make your private workspace last for decades to come with the strength of steel!

Garage and Workshop Projects

A garage or workshop built from steel provides the flexibility to customize your structure in almost any way imaginable. When your most valued possessions are stored there, other building materials just won't cut it.

The Norsteel Advantage

Steel is the ideal choice for today's garages and workshops, as it offers several major advantages over other common building materials like wood and masonry.

Reduced Cost

Our pre-engineered materials make it easier and faster to assemble our buildings; this reduces the time needed and labor costs during construction. Lower maintenance expenses provide additional value.

Design Customization

Our team of engineering experts will help you design the garage or workshop you need. Depending on the location, you can also expand or alter your structure over time.


The steel used in Norsteel buildings is nearly 100% recyclable; this makes it cost-effective and leads to less reliance on valuable natural resources.

Peace of Mind

Get enhanced security and climate control for your valued cars, boats, ATVs, tools, electronics or whatever else makes you smile.

Norsteel Garages and Workshops