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25 x 30 x 10 Steel Building Kit


  • 25′ x 30′ x 10′ DIY steel building kit.
  • Two 8′ x 8′ framed openings.*
  • One 3′ x 7′ framed opening.*
  • Roof pitch standard 2/12.**
  • Colour choice for walls and trim; standard roof colour ‘galvanized.’
  • Certified engineered structural drawings included.

After you make your purchase…

We’ll Reach Out

A Norsteel building expert will be in touch to get more details about your specific site location and local building codes. They ‘ll work with you over the phone to finalize the design of your structure.

You’ll Receive Your Drawings

Your EasyBuild structure will then be custom engineered for your specific site location, taking into consideration the building codes for your exact area. In approximately 2 weeks you will receive certified engineered drawings for your structure.

We’ll Deliver Your Kit

We will keep you updated on the expected delivery date of your structure. Your kit will arrive in one package and you can begin building your structure right away!


* Service and garage doors not included.
** Gutters and downspouts not included.
*** Norsteel retains the right to refuse any order for any reason. Additional freight costs may be incurred if delivery locations are remote and fall outside of our standard shipping routes.


What Is a Metal Building Kit?

For those that want to take the guesswork out of erecting a steel building, a metal building kit can help. While DIYers may enjoy the cost savings of assembling a building on their own, you’ll want to start with something rather than starting from scratch. That’s because it could take months to assemble a building using only the raw materials.

But if you want to jump the line and save time and money, a 25 x 30 x 10 metal building kit can give you exactly what you need down to all the parts and the plans to make it all happen. DIY doesn’t have to be difficult, and a convenient 25 x 30 steel building can be exactly what you need to store those extra vehicles or to create a place for other equipment or machinery.

Not only does a metal building kit make construction cheaper and easier, the steel used in the building itself will also make your new building much stronger than a comparable wood structure that could end up coming down in a few years or costing you a small fortune each year in maintenance. And when you buy direct from us, you get low rates that you could never possibly attain trying to find a contractor to build you a building on the open market.

With convenient instructions that tell you exactly where to put each part and bring that building together, our metal building kit available online is a great alternative to hiring an expensive contractor and spending months managing a complicated building project. Complete with everything you need to get that building up and ready for use, as well as no need for complicated tools and extraneous purchases that you’ll have no use for after the building is built, a 25 x 30 x 10 metal building kit is a great way to expand your storage space with a strong building that can take a licking and keep on ticking.

All you need are basic tools, including an extension ladder, tin snips, a screw gun and a metal cutting blade. That’s enough to assemble any one of our buildings in short order with the help of a couple friends, and it’s even possible to do much of the work solo. While other types of buildings require mastering several different trades, a 25 x 30 steel building kit can give you a professional quality building at DIY prices, helping you save a considerable amount on that great new building.

Rather than complicated assembly, our trusses are pre-punched, the clips are factory-welded and the kit itself comes with everything you need to erect a great steel building without professional help. Instead, our convenient metal building kit drawings shows you where everything goes and how the building comes together, allowing just about anyone to put up a steel building that will stand the test of time on their property.

Furthermore, we’ll even give you the options to customize your building with striking colors, such as rustic red, slate grey or Hawaiian blue. The trim can also be customized to match or to provide a contrasting look, helping you truly make your new steel building your own. Simply select your desired color options during the purchase and we’ll deliver your 25 x 30 x 10 metal building kit with everything you need to get started.

Wall Colour

Polar White, Pearl Grey, Slate Grey, Burnished Slate, Lightstone, Sahara Tan, Bright Red, Rustic Red, Hawaiian Blue, Gallery Blue, Colony Green, Fern Green

Trim Colour

Polar White, Pearl Grey, Burnished Slate, Lightstone, Sahara Tan, Fern Green