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12 x 20 x 10 Steel Building Kit

10,465.00 USD $ 6,976.20 USD $

Galvanized Roof
Note:- Each structure comes with a Galvanized Roof by default. If you would prefer a white-coloured roof, this is available as an add-on which you can select on the next page.

Note:- 25% deposit due today. Balance due before delivery.

 After Purchase 

We’ll Reach Out

A Norsteel building expert will be in touch to get more details about your specific site location and local building codes. They 'll work with you over the phone to finalize the design of your structure.

You'll Receive Your Drawings

Your EasyBuild structure will then be custom engineered for your specific site location, taking into consideration the building codes for your exact area. In approximately 2 weeks you will receive certified engineered drawings for your structure.

We’ll Deliver Your Kit

We will keep you updated on the expected delivery date of your structure. Your kit will arrive in one package and you can begin building your structure right away!

Included with your purchase:
  • 12′ x 20′ x 10′ DIY steel building kit.
  • One 7′ x 7′ framed opening.*
  • One 3′ x 7′ framed opening.*
  • Roof pitch standard 2/12.**
  • Colour choice for walls and trim; standard roof colour ‘galvanized.’
  • Certified engineered structural drawings included.

* Service and garage doors not included.
** Gutters and downspouts not included.
*** Norsteel retains the right to refuse any order for any reason. Additional freight costs may be incurred if delivery locations are remote and fall outside of our standard shipping routes.