Why Choose Norsteel Buildings?

Looking for a steel building can be an overwhelming process for many customers. There are several different Metal building providers and each has their own way of working with their customers. In today’s world, many of our purchases are made over the telephone or computer, so knowing a company’s reputation is critical: look for testimonials from past customers; delve into the history of each company; don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or for customers you can visit in your area.

Most of all, don’t be pressured. Buying a steel building is no small task. Take your time. You should feel comfortable with your consultant and the knowledge that they have. Before purchasing your building, make sure all your questions have been answered to your complete satisfaction.

Every company has their own etiquette. Every company has their own expectations for their consultants and how they conduct the relationships they have with customers.

Here is a little bit about our culture here at Norsteel.

Norsteel’s Mission Statement

At Norsteel we pride ourselves on maintaining integrity and honesty within our competitive drive to maintain our position as a leader in the steel building industry. Our brand is associated with respect and accountability for our customers, consultants and for our manufacturing partners.

Norsteel is able to maintain its position as an industry leader because we provide customers with a superior product at competitive prices and with exceptional service. Our company-wide mandate is to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence in customer service experience and industry leading customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Norsteel?

What sets us apart from our competition is a strict adherence to three very important principles:


This is the basis of Norsteel’s Customer Satisfaction Service. We have no pitch, no cheesy gimmicks. We don’t apply pressure and we won’t call you 5 times every day.

We actually insist that our customers form a fully educated and comfortable partnership with us. When a customer comes to Norsteel, we want them to realize that we are part of their team, that our service is top-notch and that we will be with them every step of the way…and we are.

No matter the size of the project, customers who come to Norsteel receive access to a team of people. From the consultant who has expert product knowledge, to the engineering team that provides the drawings, to the operations manager who communicates deliveries; our team is available, consistently and conveniently – because your project is as important to us, as it is to you.

Norsteel’s Customer Satisfaction approach to service is a Multi Stage process of interaction that begins when a consultant is appointed to your project.

Why Choose Norsteel Buildings

Our Consultants

Each consultant at Norsteel goes through several interviews and an extensive, intense training period before being offered a position.

When we look for people to join our team, it is essential that they embody the values of our company. We don’t look for hungry sales people. We look for people who will be trusted advisors to our customers; people who can co-ordinate with professionals at all stages in project development; people who form relationships and interactive bonds that are important to them. Trustworthy people.We want our customers to feel comfortable that they are dealing with people who are competent to answer their questions and we want them to feel confident that they are backed by a company rich in steel building knowledge and experience.

Understanding our customer’s needs and specifications is essential in ensuring that we are providing the structure that satisfies your specific project requirements.

We believe that it is a mistake to attempt to sell anyone a steel building until we understand their situation, budget and need for the building. In our experience, this is one of the most common problems encountered by customers. Far too often, we encounter customers who are unhappy with other companies because no one has taken the time required to uncover what they actually need and want before pressuring them to purchase a “clearance sale building”. This is NOT the Norsteel way.

Our consultants don’t use pressure to force a sale. Taking the time to understand as much as possible about our customers and prospects is an absolute must.

Our Relationship with Our Customers

At Norsteel, we provide a service, not just a structure. This is the first lesson that new consultants learn when they begin their training process. And that service begins with the customer’s first inquiry.

When you contact Norsteel, you can expect to be addressed professionally by a consultant who has the experience to discuss your project and site in depth; your consultant will ask questions about soil conditions, wind exposure and the location and proximity of other buildings on your site. Your consultant won’t pitch a clearance building with a generic box design, and they won’t expect you to adapt your needs to a building they have on sale.

Consultants at Norsteel will talk to you about your requirements, not only those of today but also what you may require tomorrow as your family or business evolves, and they will help you to come up with a clear understanding of all the possible options.

Why Choose Norsteel Buildings?

Once they have a thorough understanding of everything that you require, your consultant will provide you with a comprehensive design that addresses your specific, unique project. They will provide a complete proposal that clearly outlines all the inclusions for your project. And they will follow-up to go through the proposal and answer any of your questions until you are completely satisfied that you have all the information to make an informed steel building purchase.

Our Customer Satisfaction Service is an educative approach to providing customers with knowledge. But our services don’t stop with the sale.

Customers who purchase a Norsteel building receive correspondence regularly so that they know what is happening each step of the way: during engineering, production, and delivery. They have an entire team of people to work with, so any questions they have can be answered quickly and efficiently. And once the building is delivered, and the erection process begins, customers feel comfortable reaching out with questions and correspondence, often sending us pictures and videos of their finished buildings and sharing the end results.

Why Choose Norsteel Buildings?

Once you own a Norsteel Building, you are part of the Norsteel family and we will follow-up with you, year after year.

Satisfied customers are the foundation of our company. At Norsteel, we pride ourselves on maintaining good relationships – past, current and recurring. In fact, many of our current prospects come from customer referrals and recommendations. And there is no greater testimony of a customer’s satisfaction, and no better compliment for our company, then that endorsement.

Let Our Customers Do the Talking

Customer satisfaction is ultimately why we do what we do at Norsteel, but don’t just take our word for it – click here to visit our testimonials page where you can hear firsthand accounts from Norsteel customers about how their building project has added business value, exceeded expectations, or simply made them happy.

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