Advantages of Steel Buildings: Ability to Span Great Widths


Pre-engineered Metal Buildings effortlessly span 100’s of feet in width and can be as long as your site will allow.

3. Wide is Wondrous

There are not many other types of gabled structures that can span 250 feet or more in a cost-effective manner, without using posts or columns to support the loads. Prefabricated Metal Building Systems are known for their incredible width span.

By far the most frequently used primary framing in a Prefab Steel building system is the Clear-Span Rigid Frame. We call these frames “Clear-Span” simply because they have no interior columns or support between the exterior columns. An amazing thing for customers who are looking for 100% usable interior space!

Advantages of Steel - Span Long Distances

It is the Clear-Span Rigid Frame that revolutionized construction and made prefab metal buildings such an incredibly versatile and innovative investment.

Clear Span Rigid Frame Metal Building

The typical Rigid Frame on a prefabricated steel building has tapered vertical columns and a tapered rafter. The pre-engineered process can push the clear-span up to 250’ in width.

If you need it wider – No problem, we can use a modular framing system.

Modular Rigid Frame Metal Building

Modular frames are simply Rigid Frames with intermediary columns, and the spacing between the intermediary columns does not have to be equal. These extra columns provide strength and integrity to the rigid frame, redistributing the force of the loads to the overall structure. When the rigid frame is not wide enough, Modular Frames can be used to widen the span of a prefab steel building much further. 

Span Long Distances

Furthermore, when they can be hidden within the architecture (e.g., in aisles, bleachers or partition walls), Modular Frames don’t impact the overall design of the interior of the steel structure and can be used to bring the overall cost down.

Closing Out

The amazing capabilities of the pre-engineering process puts the strength of steel exactly where it is needed to create the muscle power that will withstand pressures from the elements. Even without using posts and columns on the inside of your steel building, we can go as wide as 250’ without any extra support – even wider when geographic conditions allow.

The clever use of both types of framing is one way that your experienced Norsteel Building consultant will work with you to achieve the best solution for your specific steel building requirements. Depending on the application for your prefabricated metal structure, we may incorporate both rigid frames as well as modular frames within the same steel building design.

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