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Advantages of Steel Buildings: Safe, Strong, and Durable Construction

May 24, 2020


Keeping people safe and protecting their investments is always our first priority.

1. Keeping you safe

Pre-engineered steel buildings are used for an endless number of applications. From Restaurant facilities to Churches, Horse stables to chicken ranches, warehousing, automobile storage and office space.

When designing a pre-engineered steel building, local and National building codes are always factored into the design and engineering process. This goes a long way to ensure that your Prefab Metal Building will meet or exceed all structural requirements demanded by the specific environmental conditions of your locations – but it isn’t enough.

Your Building Consultant should have a thorough understanding of what exactly you will be using your steel building for. He or she should ask you how you plan to finish the inside. They should ask for example, if anything will be suspended from the ceiling or walls of your steel structure. This will dictate the collateral loads to be used in order to ensure that your roof is strong enough to sustain any added weight.

Your Building Consultant should also ask how many people will be inside your steel structure at any given time in order to determine the appropriate occupancy rating used in the design of your prefab metal building.

Safe Strong and Durable

And there are other important design determinants related to the actual positioning of the metal structure on your specific site: Will the steel building be surrounded by any obstructions? Are there surrounding trees or other buildings, for example? Depending on the height of those obstructions, they could have serious implications for snow accumulations on roofs and walls. This snow shadow may increase the loading on the steel structure and must be accounted for in the design of your metal building system.

There are many considerations that should factor into a prefab steel building design, in order to ensure that it is engineered to your specific requirements. This is why each steel building is represented by its own customized specifications and requires its own precise engineering process.

Closing Out

At Norsteel,understanding our customer’s needs and specifications is essential in ensuring that we are providing the steel structure that satisfies your specific project requirements. We take the time to fully and thoroughly understand the complete scope and the tiny details of your project.

Because we understand that no matter the size of the project, and no matter what you are protecting, every steel building customer wants the security of knowing that the building they choose is safe, strong and durable.

Contact Us Today!

When you buy a building from Norsteel, we become your partner throughout the construction process. We work with you, or with your general contractor, to ensure that all your steel building requirements are met. Your project is our project, and we’ll be with you the whole way through.

For more information on specific steel building applications, click here to learn more about our line of products. If you have any questions or comments, click here to contact us today.

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