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Advantages of Steel Buildings: Faster Occupancy

May 24, 2020


Pre-engineered Metal buildings are the ideal solution for fast occupancy.

12. Move in Fast

Pre-engineered steel buildings are time-efficient in every way. From the initial design process and engineering, to fabrication and the delivery of all steel building materials.Furthermore, because the Prefab Metal Structure comes as a complete building package that is easier to erect and faster to construct, it also lends itself to a faster occupancy by the end-user.

​Not only does this decrease the costliness of construction, but it also allows the customer to move into their steel structure and to begin using it, months sooner than with conventionally designed construction.

Advantages of Steel Buildings Faster Occupancy
Advantages of Steel Buildings Faster Occupancy
Advantages of Steel Buildings Faster Occupancy

Re: Our Norsteel Experience

From being an animal lover all my life, I knew in my late teens that I wanted to own and operate a kennel boarding facility one day. That day became reality in 2008 when we converted an older building on our property into a boarding kennel.

By the end of 2013, we were outgrowing that facility which I should mention had, no running water and was heated with a wood burning stove. Heating it in the winter (especially the middle of the night was not fun). My kennel Manager and I had suggested to my husband to renovate and add an addition. He said “No”, if we’re going to do it, let’s do it right”.

From there, I quickly hand drew up what I wanted in the new facility and sent it off to Norsteel Buildings; whom I had researched as being the best steel building provider in Canada.

From my hand drawn design Norsteel was able to design and send us drawings for approval very fast. With working with our contact at Norsteel a short time later, our new building was on its way to us.

After less than 3 months, our contractors had the building erected and ready to open. With heated floors, running water and a larger facility, we are extremely happy we contacted Norsteel. In our opinion, it is the best decision we ever made.  We are now booked full almost every month of the year (even our previous slow times).

Once again, thank you Norsteel Buildings, it was a pleasure working with you and if we even need another steel building, you will be our first call!!!!

Sam Baldwin – Owner
Northstar Kennels Ltd

Advantages of Steel Buildings Faster Occupancy
Advantages of Steel Buildings Faster Occupancy

For many retailers and owners of commercial buildings, it is important to understand that any time gained in the construction process is essential in determining the economic benefits of a Prefab Steel Building Solution.

Closing Out

Prefabricated Metal Building systems are the ideal choice for customers who are eager to begin using their completed structure. Because of their pre-engineered design and efficiencies, Steel Buildings are the fastest solutions in terms of occupancy, with projects being finished in half the time required from comparative conventional constructions.

Be sure to discuss your expected move-in dates when you are working with your Steel Building Consultant. Norsteel offers several expedited options for customers who require even faster delivery than our usual fast and efficient services.

Contact Us Today!

When you buy a building from Norsteel, we become your partner throughout the construction process. We work with you, or with your general contractor, to ensure that all your steel building requirements are met. Your project is our project, and we’ll be with you the whole way through.

For more information on specific metal building applications, click here to learn more about our line of products. If you have any questions or comments, click here to contact us today.

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