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Advantages of Steel Buildings: Energy Efficiency

May 24, 2020


Pre-engineered Metal Buildings are designed, engineered and constructed to be energy-efficient.

7. Naturally Cool and Collected

In today’s world, being energy efficient in everything we do, is extremely important. The very nature of a pre-engineered steel building provides for a highly energy efficient structure in every way. Beginning with the accuracy of the engineering process, virtually all prospect of waste is eliminated even before we begin to manufacture with recyclable steel. The efficiency of the design process increases the efficiency at the construction phase as well; creating a smaller footprint in environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency Thumbnail
Energy Efficiency Thumbnail

Over and above all these things, steel buildings save energy and reduce the greenhouse effect because they are excellent insulators for both heat and cold. The insulating properties of steel keeps the heat from escaping from the metal building during the winter.

Energy Efficiency Thumbnail

The roof on a steel building reflects the sun – solar energy hits the metal roof and is deflected off of it right away. In the summer, this deflection reduces the cooling load on the building which reduces cooling costs.

Closing Out

Today’s Pre-engineered steel buildings are energy efficient by design, engineering and construction. The fact that steel building solutions are made from recyclable materials, that are durable, and virtually maintenance free adds to the fact that they are excellent insulators for both heat and cold. Even without added insulation, the temperature inside a metal building remains constant, keeping it comfortable no matter the season.

More every day, our customers are considerate of the effect that their purchases make on our world and they strive to reduce their overall impact on the environment. Choosing a pre-engineered steel building solution naturally lowers emissions and provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that from idea to occupancy, they have done their part to choose the most energy efficient building solution available.

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