Advantages of Steel Buildings: Engineered for Cost Efficiency


The prefabrication process dictates that we use no more, and no less steel than is exactly appropriate for your specific unique structural design.

2. Waste not, spend not

When designing prefabricated metal buildings, the engineering process inherently creates a structural design with very little waste. This is because it uses the optimal combination of structural components with the exact capacity to suit the specified requirements for that specific job. In other words, the technology we use is designed to ensure that only the exact amount of steel studs are required for each particular steel building.

This means that there is no overage for the customer to pay because there is no unnecessary steel that is wasted in the manufacturing process.  This provides for a very lean cost, and it results in a very environmentally sensitive approach to construction.

Advantages of Steel - Cost Efficiency
Advantages of Steel - Cost Efficiency

Understanding that the efficiency in the engineering process creates a cost efficiency for the customer is key to understanding the amazing advantages offered by a pre-engineered metal building solution.

The minimal waste advantage associated with pre-engineered building solutions, also translates to less material waste on the job-site.  Exact measurements that correspond to exact details make for easy construction and leave little to no need for last-minute adjustments and on-the-spot improvisations. This translates into high cost savings for the customer when there is little to no cutting or welding on site, both in terms of construction time and in terms of job site clean-up.

Advantages of Steel - Cost Efficiency
Big or small, every job site looks this clean!

Closing Out

The engineering process used to design our prefab metal building systems uses incredibly precise technology to create the design and detailing for your steel structure. It uses exacting measurement design tools to factor in all calculations and in the end, produces exact engineered drawings and a detailed cut list for production. This process means that when we manufacture your steel structure all components are made to those exact specifications, so that only the necessary steel is used to produce your specific metal building.

At Norsteel,we take pride in the fact that our Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are an innovative, technologically detailed and environmentally sound approach to providing customers with cost-effective, waste-free structural solutions.

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