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Advantages of Steel Buildings: Savings Year After Year

May 24, 2020


​Pre-engineered Metal buildings provide customers with savings, year after year.

15. Ask and you Shall Receive

The advantages of choosing a Pre-engineered Metal Building solution continue to accumulate year after year.

Consider that prefab steel buildings are energy efficient because they are excellent insulators for both heat and cold. The insulating properties of steel will keep the heat from escaping from your building during the winter. Also, the roof on your steel building will reflect the sun. In the summer, this deflection reduces the cooling load on the steel building which reduces cooling costs. This energy-efficiency is one way that a pre-engineered metal building will continue to provide you with savings year after year.

​Another way that prefab steel buildings save money relates to maintenance. A typical prefab metal building system, with pre-finished metal panels and screw-down galvalume roof, costs very little to maintain. Metal surfaces are easy to clean, and the modern metal finishes offer a superb resistance against corrosion, fading, and discoloration. Pre-engineered steel buildings don’t decay or decompose. Their columns don’t split or suffer damage due to rodents or insects. There is virtually no maintenance on a steel building, so there is very little to warrant future spending in terms of upkeep.

Advantages of Steel Buildings Continuous Savings
Energy Efficiency Thumbnail

Apart from continuous savings related to energy-efficiency and low-maintenance, steel buildings are recognized with an “A” fire rating. Many customers don’t realize that this non-combustibility factor can save them significant money on insurance premiums for the life of their pre-engineered steel building. Some Insurance Companies label steel framing as “Superior Construction” and offer discounts on insurance up to 35%. Customers are encouraged to check with their insurance carrier for more details on the possibility of these available annual savings.​

Closing Out

When comparing available construction options, we recommend that our customers consider all the factors.

This involves a broader scope comparison of all the costs as well as the potential savings. Comparing different building options should involve a complete understanding, considering not just the initial costs for site prep, materials and labour, but also the longer term costs of ownership – costs like maintenance, repairs, and insurance. Customers should consider how much value they place on safety and environmental friendliness as well.

When it’s all said and done, we believe you will recognize that choosing a prefab steel building will save you money – year after year.

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