7 Ways to Customize Your Steel Garage Kits

Customized Steel Garage Kit with Brick Exterior

A custom steel garage kit offers homeowners, commercial business owners, mechanics, auto enthusiasts and gearheads the chance to create a space that truly fits their needs, whatever those might be.

Because steel is incredibly durable, malleable and adaptable, it’s the perfect material for garage construction. Plus, steel is 100% recyclable and can easily be modified, updated or reshaped over time.

When looking for your next project or workspace, steel is the way to go. And you can make it custom with Norsteel Buildings. Here are seven options for additional customizations you might want to consider:

1. Roofing

Roofs offer the height, spaciousness and protection from the elements you need, and there are several options on the table.

Standard roofs usually have horizontal sheeting that goes in the direction of the corrugation and have rounded corners. This is the most common default option.

There’s also an A frame style that looks more like the roof of a home. The corners are typically boxed and you may wish to include an overhang of awning near the front entrance. With the additional triangular height, you can also include vents or windows between your roof and door.

Another popular choice is a vertical roof, which, as its name implies, has sheeting running vertical. A vertical roof is often better in areas where there is heavy rain, snow or debris. The ridge cap at the peak of the roof helps keep the elements out and allows them to drain right off the building using gravity.

2. Siding

The siding of your building really comes down to the preference of horizontal or vertical corrugation, similar to roofing. A steel garage kit with vertical siding will handle debris better, which means it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often.

3. Size/Measurements

Of course, the size of your building and its dimensions are totally up to you. A one-car garage will be cheaper than a multi-car building, and if you intend to house heavy equipment you’ll need additional height. 

Based on the position in which your building is oriented and how much equipment you intend to store, you might need additional gravel or pavement entry and exit points.

4. Doors

Your steel garage will have several points of entry, and each of these might require a different door type.

A traditional walk door often appears on the side of the building. Additionally, you can feature several rollup overhead doors in the front and back to allow large machinery and vehicles to enter and exit.

Your doors can also be customized to include horizontal window panels or even angular shapes beyond a conventional rectangle.

5. Windows

The placement and purpose of windows can be customized when fabricating your steel garage kit. A few considerations that often come into play are:

  • How many windows do I want/need?
  • Where should windows ideally be located throughout the building?
  • Are there safety measures to account for so that toxic fumes are able to be appropriately ventilated in a confined space?
  • Are windows cosmetic or functional to a given need?
  • How private/secure do I want my steel building to be?
  • Will a window obstruct a cable or column?
  • Will windows be insulated or have screens?
  • Will they be tinted or tempered?
  • Will they slide horizontally or vertically?

6. Skylights

Windows in the roof of your building can help with ventilation, increase visibility and bring in some rays from the outdoors. In buildings that are jam-packed and with limited window or door options, a skylight can give the impression of more depth and space.

7. Add-Ons

There are plenty of additional features you can tack on to your steel garage kit, now or in the future. 

Some of the more common add-ons we see are:

  • Fire resistance and insulation materials for harsh weather and disaster prevention.
  • Surveillance and alarm systems, including CCTV, motion-sensored lights and keypads.
  • Climate-controlled features for ventilation, heat and cool air.

Because steel is so versatile, it’s easy for customers to purchase a simple setup one day and then slowly add more customizations over time.

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