Mining and Remote Buildings

When Dependability Isn't an Option

Applications for Mining and Remote Buildings

When buildings need to be in hard to reach places for mining, forestry, oil & gas, and other resource-intensive industries; you only want to build it once! Mining and remote buildings far from populated areas are often subject to harsh environmental conditions, so steel is a perfect choice for facilities that must stand the test of time.

Mining and Remote Building Projects

Mining and remote buildings need to be extremely rugged and durable. From comfortable and climate-controlled living quarters to well-designed space for industrial use, Norsteel delivers!

The Norsteel Advantage

Steel is the ideal choice for mining facilities and structures going to remote locations, as it offers a number of advantages over other common building materials like wood and masonry.

Reduced Cost

Our pre-engineered materials make it easier and faster to assemble our buildings; this reduces the time needed and labor costs during construction. Lower maintenance expenses provide additional value.

Design Customization

Our team of engineering experts will help you design the remote building you need. Depending on the location, you can also expand or alter your structure over time.


The steel used in Norsteel buildings is nearly 100% recyclable; this makes it cost-effective and leads to less reliance on valuable natural resources.

Peace of Mind

The strength and fire-resistant nature of our steel make it well-suited for operations that need to self-sustain in isolated areas.

Mining and Remote Worker