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Frequently asked questions about our prefab steel building kits
We do sell accessories and haven’t had time to get them on the e-commerce site yet. But if you are interested in purchasing service doors, insulation or gutters and downspouts, you can let us know when we call you to confirm your order.
Whether you need permit approval will depend on your local permit office, the size of your building and where your site is located. If you do need approval from your town, the drawings that we will send you are exactly what you will need to present to them in terms of your structure. They are certified engineered drawings that will be stamped by an engineer who is licenced to practice in your specific area.
Absolutely! Every Norsteel building – whether it’s a DIY project or a shopping mall, is custom-designed to meet or exceed the building loads for its location. Our reputation depends on it.
The kit will arrive on a flatbed truck. With good planning, we can fit 2 and sometimes 3 EasyBuild structures on each flatbed and we do our very best to fill each truckload. This keeps our cost down and we pass those savings on to our e-commerce customers. Well before shipping day arrives, customers are contacted with specific instructions regarding the delivery of their Norsteel building package. The truck driver will call you so you have an accurate time of arrival. It is imperative that they ensure that the truck has clear access to the job site. This means that the truck must be able to get in and out of the site unencumbered.
Under the terms of our contract, customers are responsible for off-loading all building components from the truck.
The building components will arrive on a flatbed trailer and will be in one large bundle, banded together. Once the band is broken, the skid can easily be off-loaded with a fork-lift. The skid has 5 separate layers to off load, one at a time from the top down. The heaviest piece will be the hardware box weighing approximately 4000lbs. This wooden box is 22‘long, 3‘high and 4‘wide. The 4 remaining small bundles will be significantly lighter, weighing from 1500 to 2000 lbs each. Having machinery on site certainly makes unloading your building components a quick and easy process. But, part of the beauty of the EasyBuild is the minimization of heavy equipment required. Here too, is an opportunity for savings: it is possible for customers to off-load the EasyBuild by hand. Once the banding has been cut with a very strong pair of metal cutters, the wooden crate must be opened, and the entire building can be off-loaded in approximately 2 hours by a team of 5 or 6 strong people.
Before your delivery date, we will send you a packing list for inventory purposes. Once the truck has arrived on-site, the truck driver will take photographs of the load for comparison purposes. You should take pictures too. Please, also take inventory of all components. Since all parts are clearly labelled, you will be able to inventory all components and ensure that they have been delivered. In the unlikely event that any parts are missing or damaged, please take photographs and contact us immediately so that appropriate corrections can be made without delay.
Call us! We’re always here to help. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your building and sometimes, DIY projects can be a little confusing. Just call us – we are more than happy to answer any questions and guide you during your assembly phase.

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