Cool DIY Sheds To Add To Your Yard

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We all need extra space for storage, recreation or both. Steel DIY sheds offer you an affordable storage and building solution that delivers both style and function for your backyard. Steel offers numerous structural, cost, and environmental benefits over wood – click here to read our blog on steel vs. wood structures – and can be easily modified or added to to achieve whatever look you’re going for!

DIY sheds come in all shapes and sizes; from simple outdoor storage sheds, to decorative and homey garden sheds that add to the aesthetic quality of your backyard. With a DIY steel building kit from Norsteel, you can get your structure set up in as little as a week without breaking the bank. With the basic framing and insulation complete, it’s just a matter of making your shed your own.

Check out some of these cool DIY shed ideas that you can add to your yard!

The Blank Canvas

The tried-and-true prefab metal shed is a perfect solution for the first-time DIYer. With all the structural benefits of steel, 12 wall colour and 6 trim colour options, a metal DIY prefab shed can offer you both style and function at a fraction of the cost.

Customization of your prefab DIY shed is easy too. We offer a number of optional accessories including insulation, gutters, downspouts, and interior liners, so you can easily add to the interior and exterior of your building after its been erected. Prefab metal buildings from Norsteel all come with at least one framed opening which can be used for a standard door, or for a garage door later on.

While we like to think our prefab buildings are perfect just the way they are, we understand that many of our customers might look at them as blank canvases on which they can create the building of their dreams. Whether you want to add wood or stone accents to the exterior, or completely renovate the interior space to make it livable, anything is possible with the basic steel prefab building in place.

Here are a few cool DIY shed ideas that can really expand the usable space of your backyard:

Prefab Steel Building Residential Garage kit

The Home Office

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are now working from home for a time – and some are staying remote forever! For those who don’t already have a home office, with a little creativity and extra work a DIY shed can serve as your backyard home office.

With a steel frame and a bit of customization, you can achieve a look similar to the one above. The building pictured here is built using a metal frame, with a sliding glass door and wood paneling added to the exterior for a unique look. On the inside, wood flooring and drywall have been added to make the office feel warm and inviting. The result is a sleek modern home office for the remote worker!

DIY sheds home office

The Man Cave

Maybe bringing the office home sounds like the exact opposite of what you’re after. If you’re trying to escape the daily grind, instead of bringing it home with you, maybe a backyard getaway is more your style? A DIY shed can just as easily be converted into a man (or woman) cave for you and a few friends to escape to on the weekends.

The backyard shed pictured here has been converted into a sport-watching, beer-drinking, backyard escapee’s dream! With a metal exterior and interior wooden framing, insulation, drywall, and warm hardwood flooring added to give it that homey feel, this same look could easily be re-created using a prefab metal building as the base of your structure.

DIY shedds man cave

The Backyard Studio

Maybe you’re looking for a more creative outdoor workspace? Thanks to the large framed openings available on many of our prefab metal buildings, turning a DIY shed into an artist’s studio with ample natural light is totally doable with one of our EasyBuild steel building kits.

The artist’s studio pictured here is framed in wood and uses stucco to insulate and add some texture to the exterior. This same look can be achieved using a prefab metal building kit. Simply add a layer of metal netting between the metal exterior and the stucco to ensure that the stucco will adhere effectively to the exterior of your building.

But don’t worry, you won’t need stucco to achieve a livable outdoor studio. Thanks to our optional insulation packages, your new backyard studio space will be effectively insulated without any additional work or accessories. It’s really that easy.

DIY sheds backyard studio

The Tiny House

With just a little bit of space, you can create something big, bold, and surprisingly luxurious!

Creating a home away from home – or rather, a backyard mini-home – is easy with a DIY prefab building kit. Equipped with a kitchen, seating area, upper loft, and even a washroom, the tiny home pictured here pulls out all the stops to achieve a fully livable building. The addition of plumbing and a second floor push this building to new heights, as it truly becomes a backyard guest house.

DIY sheds tiny home

Prefab Metal Building Kits from Norsteel

Norsteel makes it easy to create a usable, visually interesting, and cool DIY shed for your backyard. From start to finish, we’re your expert partner in all things DIY construction.

Already have an idea for your backyard shed? Contact us today and one of our steel building experts can help you plan out the construction of your building. We’ll help you build an office where you can focus; a man cave you can escape to; a backyard studio where you can be creative; or even a tiny home where you can live.

Click here to contact us today. Let’s build something great together.

With a prefab steel building kit from Norsteel, your building will retain all the benefits of metal framing, exterior panelling, and roofing, while your interior will still be yours to customize and create.

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Norsteel Buildings

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