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When it comes to steel buildings, don’t just take it from us. Let our customers do the talking.

Why We Do, What We Do

Few things make us more proud than receiving positive feedback from our customers. Whether it’s a story about how a Norsteel steel building project adds business value, exceeds expectations, or simply makes people happy, we love receiving updates from our clients. Below are a few case studies which demonstrate exciting and unique projects we feel are worth highlighting.
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The Royal Wood Shop

The Royal Wood Shop is a provider of lumber for the upscale renovation market in the Greater Toronto Area. They offer an extensive selection of premium kiln dried lumber with over 220 molding profiles and 50 dimensional sizes. In 2021, sibling co-owners Brad and Brenna wanted to relocate their business to Sharon, Ontario. They found the perfect location, but needed additional dry storage for their on-site lumber stock. Norsteel helped Brad and Brenna design and build the perfect structure that would protect their premium lumber from the elements, while also allowing for continual expansion of the structure in the future!

Spy Cider House & Distillery

Spy Cider House & Distillery is a Canadian distiller of cider and spirits based out of the Blue Mountains region of Ontario. Spy Cider House makes a number of premium ciders and spirits from local apple and pear farms. Spy needed a strong, tall building that could accommodate multiple fermenters and a large vodka column that is used in the distillation process to separate vapours. In addition, the distillery is located just off Georgian Bay at the top of an escarpment. As a result, the building needed to be able to withstand heavy winds that come in off the water. Today, the company’s building receives regular praise and compliments from customers for its striking design, strength, and functionality.

County Farm Centre

County Farm Centre is a provider of agricultural products and services based out of Belleville, Ontario. County Farm Centre offers crop inputs and equipment, fuel and propane distribution, and livestock feed to customers across eastern Ontario. The company approached Norsteel with a unique ask: could an existing warehouse be expanded to include a new office complex? The answer: of course! Our team of engineers designed an addition to the company’s warehouse which blended seamlessly with the existing design. Today, the company’s office space is situated within the same complex as their distribution centre, improving the efficiency of their operations.

Ferdie Nel

Ferdie Nel owns a sheep farm in rural Ontario. A few years ago, he moved his farming operation away from meat-based farming to dairy-based sheep farming. As a result, he needed more space to house additional sheep and dairy farming equipment. Sheep need to be moved multiple times a day, so Ferdie wanted to avoid the hassle of moving his livestock from one building to another building in the rain, snow, etc. Norsteel worked with him to build an addition onto the existing structure he had. As a result, Ferdie is able to move his livestock from one part of his farm to the next without the sheep ever being stuck in the cold!

Mark Pratt

Retired firefighter, Mark Pratt, had a vision of a garage that would also double as a man-cave and a neighborhood hangout spot. To see this vision through, a friend of his recommended him to Norsteel Buildings. Our team worked with Mark to design and build a structure that would suit his purposes, but with the foundation installed, Mark was able to carry out the assembly of his steel building on his own—Thanks to the simplicity of our prefabricated steel building designs. Today, with R24 insulated panels and heated flooring, Mark’s garage is more than just a steel building – it’s a workshop, a man-cave, a neighborhood favorite, and a personal escape.

PA Catch Basin Cleaning

PA Catch Basin Cleaning conducts sewer cleaning using large VAC trucks and heavy water pressure. The company was founded by Al Reeves in 1994, and recently moved to a new larger facility thanks to Norsteel Buildings. Our team worked closely with PA’s team to design a steel building that served the specific needs of their operations. And since our steel buildings can be tailored to meet any client request or need, PA was able to make custom additions to the exterior of the building, including a 300,000 gallon water retention system.

Haute Goat Farm

Located just outside historic Port Hope, Haute Goat Farm boasts a breathtaking 200-acres where you can discover the magic of their animals and take in the beauty of their scenery. But to better cater to their guests, Haute Goat Farm needed a steel building where visitors could shop, enjoy a break in their café, and participate in one of their many workshops. Norsteel buildings partnered with Haute Goat Farm to design and build a fully-lined insulated steel building to house their café. And because our steel buildings are customizable and clients can get exactly what they are looking for, the resulting steel building at Haute Goat Farm has a character that perfectly fits in with the rest of the farm.

Patrick Kennedy

Moving to a new property, Patrick Kennedy was looking for a garage that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Patrick sketched out his ideal steel building, and then he turned to the pros at Nortsteel for some help bringing his design to life. Our engineers fine-tuned Patrick’s steel building design to make sure and meet structural requirements. And once Patrick’s modern residential steel building design was finalized, the structure was delivered and assembled in one week. This is proof that customization doesn’t mean you have to delay your project or spend a great deal more money. You can experience exactly what Patrick did by partnering with Norsteel to construct your steel building today!

Alwind Industries

Since 1985, Alwind Industries has designed and engineered aluminum building products for the industrial market. One of the company’s main requirements is to have adequate and up-to-date facilities to house their inventory. Alwind partnered with Norsteel to design and construct a new steel building for the company’s ongoing functional needs, as well as establish a place to house their workshops. Norsteel was involved in the project from start to finish; from siding and roofing to seamlessly attaching it to Alwind’s existing building. Click here to visit Alwind Industries’ website.

Top Tomato Foods

Norsteel and Top Tomato Foods have long been partners when it comes to their steel building needs. In fact, Norsteel has worked with Top Tomato Foods to construct 5 steel buildings that have helped them grow their business. With different shapes, sizes, extensions, and temperature needs, Norsteel has provided Top Tomato Foods with steel buildings that meet all their needs, including a warm steel building for warm climate fruits and vegetables, and a cold steel building for refrigeration.

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