Applications for Commercial

Commercial buildings include restaurants, retail stores, repair shops, convenience stores, car dealerships, and many other types of businesses serving the public or other companies.

Security and the safe storage of materials and equipment are vital in keeping these enterprises open for business. Steel buildings for commercial use provide the owner with design flexibility and a wide range of aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior options.

They are also designed to exact specifications with the strength and durability needed to withstand heavy use and customer traffic.

Steel is the Perfect Choice

  • Maximise the return of investment of commercial buildings
  • Provides low maintenance
  • Faster build time
  • Welcoming space your customers will enjoy

The Norsteel Advantage

Steel is the ideal choice today's commercial buildings, as it offers several major advantages over other common building materials like wood and masonry.


Reduced Cost

Our pre-engineered materials make it easier and faster to assemble our buildings; this reduces the time needed and labor costs during construction. Lower maintenance expenses provide additional value.


Design Customization

Our team of engineering experts will help you design the commercial building you need. Depending on the location, you can also expand or alter your structure over time.


Peace of Mind

Steel buildings are safe and secure, protecting your valuable equipment and inventory. You can rest easy knowing your business is covered.



The steel used in Norsteel buildings is nearly 100% recyclable; this makes it cost-effective and leads to less reliance on valuable natural resources.






What People Say

We have helped more than 4,000 customers reap the benefits of steel construction and build the structure of their dreams. Whatever your needs, we have a commercial steel building for sale that's just right for you - on time and on budget! Check out Our Promo!

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