The Advantages of Steel Buildings

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In the search for a new building, it is important to explore all possible options. Often, several factors combine to influence which solution will ultimately suit a customers’ building requirements.

It is always important to consider a thorough assessment of your current needs and to compare these to the on-going maintenance requirements of possible building options. It is also important to consider how your structural requirements may change in the future. A customer’s structural needs may change for example, as a business grows over time.

There are several considerations and benefits that are inherent in choosing a structure with all-steel construction. To take this a step further, there are several advantages of choosing a Pre-Engineered Steel Building Solution over many other available steel building types. Here are some of the more popular reasons why customers consistently choose Pre-Engineered Metal Building solutions over all other options. 

Pre-Engineered Steel Building Solutions – The Advantages

The benefits of steel as a material are well known in the construction industry:

  • Product Quality – Steel is a manufactured commodity and product quality is assured. As a material, steel is flawless and free of defect. Steel Studs have no knots, or splits – It is the ideal material for construction.
  • Steel is endlessly recyclable – Steel is the most recycled material on earth. All new steel is currently produced with recycled steel, making steel construction the ideal choice for the environment. It’s the Green solution.
  • Steel is non-flammable – Steel doesn’t catch fire. It can contain a fire, it can keep a fire out, and keep it from spreading. Steel is recognized to have an A-Fire Rating.
  • Long Lifespan – Steel does not decompose. It remains sturdy and durable. Walls remain straight, floors are flat. Steel requires little to no maintenance.

Choosing a Prefab Metal Building System – 15 Advantages

Choosing a pre-engineered approach to any construction makes that system efficient in extraordinary ways.

When we marry this engineering with the strongest material on earth – steel, we have an unstoppable combination of efficiency, durability and strength; at an extraordinary value. 

Here are some of the key advantages of choosing a pre-engineered steel building solution for your next construction project. Click on any of the headings below to learn more about that specific advantage. 

1. Keeping You Safe

Safe, strong & durable construction – Local and national building codes are always factored into the design and engineering ensuring that every Metal Building will meet or exceed all structural requirements demanded by the specific environmental conditions of the job site and application. Click here for more information.

2. Waste Not, Spend Not

Pre-engineered for cost-efficiency –  The pre-engineered process creates  metal structures with very little waste, which use only the exact amount of steel required for each particular building. Click here for more information.

3. Wide is Wondrous

Ability to span long distances  – Prefabricated steel structures can span 250 ft. in width and still be a cost-effective solution. Pre-engineered Metal Buildings effortlessly span 100’s of feet in width and theoretically unlimited lengths. Click here for more information.

Wide Steel Buildings

4. If You Can Dream It, We Can Make It

Custom design process – Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are custom designed to each customer’s unique needs, preferences and specifications. Click here for more information

Customization Steel Building

5. Go Ahead, Get Creative with Open Space

Clear-span designs – Pre-engineered metal buildings are clear-span by design. This means that there are no columns or posts to get in the way of 100% useable interior space. Click here for more information.

6. Just Because it’s Steel, Doesn’t Mean it has to look Industrial 

Aesthetically pleasing – Pre-engineered steel buildings can have any look required by the customer. Beautiful exteriors can be created using stucco panels; faux brick and wood siding, vinyl, or stone facades. Click here for more information.

Steel buildings can be fully customized to meet the aesthetic qualities that a customer desires.

7. Naturally Cool and Collected

Energy efficiency – Pre-engineered Metal Buildings are designed, engineered and constructed to be energy-efficient. Even without added insulation, the temperature inside the structure remains constant, keeping the structure comfortable. Click here for more information.

8. Heat it Up or Cool it Down

Insulation packages – Metal Building Systems are compatible with specific insulation packages, making them even more efficient and innovative. Click here for more information.

steel building insulation

9. One “Go-To”

Single-source responsibility – The fact that one single supplier is responsible for the entire steel building envelope is among the main benefits of choosing a Pre-Engineered Metal building system. Click here for more information.

single source steel

10. Easy-Up

Ease of assembly – When your pre-engineered steel building arrives to your job site, all components will be well packaged and in bundles that are clearly labelled. Every part will be quickly located and cross-referenced in both the blue prints and the erection manuals when construction begins. And with no welding and minor cutting on site, each component is a perfect fit to each other part, making the structure very easy to assemble. Click here for more information.

11. It’s a Quickie

Fast construction process –  The speed of construction comes from the fact that all building parts are organized, available and at the ready, with no welding and only minor cutting to do on-site. This coupled with the simplicity of the pre-engineered steel building with its limited number of standardized components, allows for quick construction. Click here for more information.

quick erection steel building
Thanks to the pre-engineering of the building components, the actual erection of your building can take as little as 1 or 2 weeks.

12. Move in Fast

Faster occupancy – Less time spent erecting, equates to diminished construction costs and a faster occupancy. For many retailers and commercial buildings, it is important to understand that time gained is essential in determining the economic benefits of a Steel Building Solution. Click here for more information.

13. Set It and Forget It

Low maintenance – A typical metal building system, with pre-finished metal panels and standing seam roof, is virtually maintenance-free. Click here for more information.

14. Grow With You

Flexibility of expansion – Even after years of use, Pre-engineered Metal buildings are easily lengthened to accommodate growing customer needs and requirements. Click here for more information.

15. Ask and You Shall Receive

 Savings Year after year –  Energy-efficient, maintenance-free, and durable construction ensure continuous savings year after year. What’s more, some Insurance Companies offer discounts for pre-engineered metal building systems because of their all-steel, optimal fire rating construction. Click here for more information.

Flexible Expansion steel building

More Benefits of Steel Buildings — Better Than Wood

Compared to other building materials, the benefits of steel buildings are readily apparent to anyone that wants a strong yet affordable structure for just about any purpose. But when you consider typical wood buildings, steel provides many benefits that simply can’t be matched by traditional wood construction. 

While wood may be the most common way to erect a residential building or to quickly create a structure that may not require the demands of steel, nothing quite beats a pre-engineered steel building when you consider longevity, raw strength and quick assembly. That can help make steel much more viable than wooden buildings that are can be erected in any number of ways.

But with pre-engineered steel buildings, the benefits largely outweigh the costs, and today most commercial, industrial and warehousing projects opt for the convenience and strength of steel over the challenges of working with wood.

Save Money and Build a Better Building With Steel

With the various advantages of steel over wood, it’s true that a steel building can actually cost you less than a comparable wood construction. While the raw cost of a wood building is rather low, you’ll likely end up paying for it over time with numerous repairs and other efforts that will be required to keep that wood building standing and in good order.

On the other hand, a steel building will likely sit just the way it was erected with minimal maintenance or other concerns. Over the life of the building, that can mean substantial savings with a building that doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance. After all, wood warps and rots over time, and those slight shifts can represent huge problems when considering the structural integrity of a building, if not the aesthetic ones.

Instead of regular maintenance and other efforts to determine whether your structure is deteriorating in a way that could be unsafe, the advantages of steel construction means that your steel building can actually end up appreciating in value instead of the opposite, primarily because steel buildings stand the test of time. If you end up in a position where you need to sell your building and the land it sits on, that could help put more money in your pocket.

More Strength and Durability

As opposed to wood buildings, which may go up strong and eventually succumb to the elements without proper maintenance and fixes, a steel building is essentially impervious to it all. Rather than winds and storms causing damage, the benefits of a steel building means that your building won’t be any worse for the wear as time passes. 

Furthermore, because steel is steel, you won’t have to worry about termites and other pests that can make owning a wood building a pain. Due to inconsistencies in wood products, you may also experience up to about a fifth of the purchased wood going to the scrap pile, which can represent a considerable expense. That’s why even though a wood building may be cheaper to originally erect, the costs quickly align themselves because steel is simply a better and more consistent product.

Indeed, most modern pre-engineered steel buildings are created to withstand the worst that nature can offer, including protection against earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, high winds, heavy snowfall and flooding, among others. In general, steel is one of the strongest building materials on earth, and even when faced with fire it will reject burning. It’s one of those great benefits of steel buildings, and why many are turning to steel for their next building project.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of steel are well known in the construction industry.

Steel, as it comes from the steel mill, is incredibly versatile. It is this versatility that provides engineers with the flexibility to design steel structures with a high degree of accuracy. Steel is a plentiful resource – we have an abundance of it, and it is a well-accepted material world-wide. Steel has a very high degree of workability, and can be manipulated easily. It can be cut, and welded; shaped and formed so that it satisfies an endless array of requirements. And Steel is resilient. It can take a great deal of abuse and it doesn’t wear down like other materials. Finally, and perhaps best of all, steel is recyclable, and through the recycling process, it does not lose strength.

When we consider that steel is the fundamental construction material of all our Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, we can see how the benefits and advantages keep adding up: Cost efficient in every way – from materials; to freight; ease of assembly and faster occupancy. Pre-engineered Metal Buildings are virtually maintenance-free and easy to expand; adding continuous value year-over-year in savings and worry-free, enjoyable space.

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You can use steel for all sorts of projects including agricultural, livestock, sporting arenas, mining, commercial and so many more. The possibilities are endless, even for do-it-yourselfers.

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One of the most popular materials used in construction today, steel plays a vitalrole in controlling construction costs while helping the industry achieve itssustainability goals. Steel offers a number of unique benefits and significantadvantages over many other construction materials!

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