Advantages of Steel Buildings: Clear-Span Design

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With 100% useable interior space, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are an open concept dream.

5. Go ahead, get creative with Open Space

Pre-engineered metal buildings are clear-span by design. This means that there are no columns or posts to get in the way of 100% useable interior space. Of course, this translates into the maximum space utility for unlimited creativity in designed floor plans.

The Pre-engineered nature of these steel buildings allows for each design to be its own unique project, without the increased expense usually associated with customized architecture and engineering.  With completely open and available space, there are no columns or posts to get in the way of any floor plan. This allows customers the freedom to plan and design the inside of their prefab steel structures in a multitude of creative ways.

Advantages Clear-Span Design
Advantages of Steel Buildings

Dealership show rooms; exercise gyms; studios or pool houses – The clear-span nature of the rigid frame will not limit creativity in your prefab metal building system.  It allows you to separate areas and put in divider partitions where you like, without worrying about load bearing posts.  Build a mezzanine to make a second floor; keep a cathedral ceiling; or have the space completely open to maximize storage space. The possibilities are endless.

Closing Out

The amazing capabilities of the clear-span rigid frame, provides countless advantages for space optimization inside a prefab metal building system. Many customers are surprised by the architectural designs that we can accomplish when we apply our knowledge of pre-engineered metal structures to conventional applications.

At Norsteel, we want to understand your project – inside and out. When you share your complete vision with your Steel Building Consultant, they can provide innovative ideas that increase space utility, so that your steel building serves you in exactly the way you require.

Go ahead and get creative!

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One of the most popular materials used in construction today, steel plays a vitalrole in controlling construction costs while helping the industry achieve itssustainability goals. Steel offers a number of unique benefits and significantadvantages over many other construction materials!

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