Advantages of Steel Buildings: Insulation Packages

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Pre-engineered Metal Buildings are compatible with several insulation options which increase thermal efficiency and decrease sound.

8. Heat it up or Cool it down

Metal Building providers have developed several insulation systems that are ideal solutions for heating and cooling prefab steel buildings, and serve to increase thermal efficiency. Another feature of insulation is that it is frequently used to dampen noise and reduce sound.

When insulation is discussed as part of the steel building solution from the beginning of the project, customers have several efficient options available to them. It is important to understand that once the metal structure has been erected, options are considerably restricted. This is because in Prefab Steel Buildings, the insulation is installed in between the framing and the cladding systems of the metal structure.​

By far the most common type of insulation sold for prefab Steel building systems, is fiberglass laminated blanket insulation. Easy to install and cost effective, blanket insulation is available in several R-Values for both roof and walls.

steel building insulation

Another type of insulation system used in prefab steel buildings involves the use of insulated metal panel systems. These sandwich panels are fabricated to consist of 2 metal panels with insulation in between them. Available in several R-values, metal insulated panels are frequently used for cold storage; medical facilities and marijuana grow-ops.

Advantages of Steel Aesthetics

And because they can be fabricated using several different aesthetically pleasing panels, these sandwich panels are also used for prefab metal office buildings, restaurants and retail outlets.

Metal Building systems are also compatible with Rock-wool, commonly known as Roxul. Fire and Sound Proof, this rock-based mineral fiber insulation is used for several metal building commercial applications, for example, where office areas must be safely separated from factory work space.

Advantages of Steel Buildings Insulation
Advantages of Steel Buildings Insulation

Closing Out

Today’s Pre-engineered steel buildings are energy efficient by design, engineering and construction. They are used for a multitude of unlimited purposes. This dictates that every prefab metal building system has individual requirements in terms of insulation. Pre-engineered metal buildings are compatible with several insulation options. All of these increase thermal efficiency and provide sound resistance.

Whether you are only interested in accounting for condensation, or whether you are heating a retail outlet or restaurant; it is important to discuss your heating and cooling requirements with your Norsteel Building consultant so that you can explore all the options available to you.

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